Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Vacuum Tube Solar Collector


All-glass vacuum tube is widely used because of its advantages of good heat preservation, high absorption ratio and high efficiency. It is mainly composed of vacuum tube, manifold, tail frame and sealing parts. But, it also has some defects to be solved: if one tube is broken, the whole system will seriously leak; And, after a long time use, fur will enclose on the surface of inner tube, which could affect the heat efficiency.
  1. All-glass solar collector has the function of freezingresistance. Its suitable working temperature in winter is between 0? and minus 20?.
  2. It is non-pressurized. And it also can not be solarized in the sun without water inside. Otherwise, the glass tube is easy to be broken.
  3. There are many sizes for option. In a fine day, it can produce hot water quantity between 70 and 130kg/m2 based on 50?.
  4. High Absorption: αs≥90%; Low Emission: εh ≤8%.Daily Average Heat Efficiency: ηd≥50%

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