solar water heater

solar water heater

The system could be mounted on the southern roof of the villadom, on the courtyard lawn, or the southern slope of the construction. The hot water could be delivered to any floor without limitation. The system has adopted the forced circulation (automatic control) work module to control the temperature automatically and deliver water by pressurization. So it has solved the long time inconveniences of manual operation. The system only needs small amount of investment, and it’s easy to handle. Moreover, it’s safe, convenient and energy saving, causing no pollution to the environment, so it’s complemented as “Green Project” by the experts.
2. The composition of the system:
The system is consisted of heat collector, storage water tank, working station and the piping. The solar collector is made of the our patent technology--- heat pipe and manifold, with high efficiency; The absorption coefficient is the vacuum tube is more than 0.94, when the solar radiation is 800w/m2 (sunny days in spring and autumn), the single vacuum tube could heat the water to 900C within 2.5 hours (little affected by the surrounding temperature). The storage water tank is made of the enamel inner tank, and the insulation layer is the polyurethane foaming to greatly improve the efficiency and the service life, so that it’s ensured that the solar heating system could work under minus 500C. The piping is the PPR pipe with good anti-corrosion and insulation to make the piping work for a long time.
3. The operating principal:4. Characteristics
???The collector is made of the fourth solar collector---heat pipe solar collector to transfer the solar power to heat power.
??? When the TC, temperature of the solar collector is higher than the TR, temperature of the outlet of water tank to some extent, the controller will start the pump to work.
??? The circulating pump make the working medium circulate in the piping.
???The heat exchanger transfers the heat of the solar collector to the storage water tank.
???During the running of the circulating pump, when the temperature difference is lower than the set point, the circulating pump will stop.
???When the TR, temperature of the storage water tank reaches the preset highest point, the controller turns off the circulating pump.
??? The auxiliary electrical heater of the water tank could maintain the temperature of the water tank at preset point automatically.
4. Characteristics
??? The heat collector and the water tank are separated, and the system works under pressure.
??? Intelligent controller to assure the system runs automatically.
???The storage water tank could be placed in any place of the room.
??? The heat pipe collector and double loop system to ensure no freezing and the system could work all year.
??? The heat pipe collector, no water going into the tube, no bursting of tubes and it could heat the water at minus 500C.
??? The American A. O. Smith water tank is applied, very convenient to use.
??? The water is supplied at the preset temperature, the highest temperature is set, the electrical heater is started at preset time, the memory protection is applied, and it could provide the hot water 24 hours per day.
??? The design is very elegant.
??? The solar collector could placed anywhere such as the balcony, southern wall, sliding roof, etc.
??? The module design, very convenient for the transportation and in harmony with the building.

Technical Parameters of Heat Pipe

Degree of Vacuum: ≥5×10-3 Pa?

Coating: Al -N- Al

Absorption coefficient: ≥0.93

Emissivity: ≤0.08

Starting temperature: ≤25?

Max.temperature: ≥250?

Freezing resistance:-50?

Service life: ≥15years

Wind resistance: 30m/s(grade 11 )

Hail proof: 35mm

Glass material: concentrated borosilicate glass

Absorber plate: copper profile

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